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Topo Map of Lakes in Polk County, Wisconsin

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Lakes in Polk County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
Alabama Lake Milltown
Andrus Lake Big Round Lake
Antler Lake Luck
Aspen Lake Frederic
Badger Lake Balsam Lake
Baker Lake Clam Falls
Balsam Lake Balsam Lake
Barbo Lake Clayton
Barneys Lake Centuria
Bass Lake Big Round Lake
Bass Lake Turtle Lake
Bass Lake Cushing
Basswood Lake Wapogasset Lake
Bear Lake Nye
Bear Trap Lake Wapogasset Lake
Beautiful Lake Range
Beede Lake Saint Croix Dalles
Big Blake Lake Range
Big Butternut Lake Luck
Big Horseshoe Lake Wapogasset Lake
Big Lake Cushing
Big Lake Nye
Big Lake Big Round Lake
Big Round Lake Big Round Lake
Black Bear Lake McKinley
Blom Lake Frederic
Bog Lake Cushing
Bone Lake Forest
Bone Lake Luck
Bosak Lake Clam Falls
Briar Lake Clam Falls
Brusher Lake Balsam Lake
Bullhead Lake Milltown
Camelia Lake Clayton
Camp Douglas Lake Milltown
Camp Lake Range
Cedar Lake New Richmond North
Chain Lakes Turtle Lake
Chelstrom Lake Range
Church Pine Lake Nye
Clara Lake Range
Clauson Lake Milltown
Clear Lake Amery
Clover Lake Balsam Lake
Coon Lake Frederic
Crooked Lake Clam Falls
Dahl Lake Big Round Lake
Deedon Lake Range
Deer Lake Cushing
Deer Lake Cushing
Deer Lake Centuria
Deer Lake McKinley
Denny Lake Indian Creek
Depot Lake Big Round Lake
Diamond Lake Frederic
Dinger Lake Clam Falls
Duck Lake Nye
East Lake Balsam Lake
East Lake Balsam Lake
Elkins Lake Balsam Lake
Ellofson Lake Milltown
Ember Lake McKinley
Fern Lake Frederic
Folsom Lake Osceola
Footes Lake Big Round Lake
Forsythe Lake Milltown
Fountain Lake Frederic
Freedom Lakes Trade Lake
French Lake Amery
Gibson Lake Range
Gilbert Lake Clayton
Glovers Lake Turtle Lake
Godfrey Lake Clam Falls
Goose Lake Wapogasset Lake
Gorres Lake Amery
Grandquist Lake Cushing
Grass Lake Frederic
Grass Lake Turtle Lake
Greeley Lake Clayton
Grenquist Lake McKinley
Grimhs Lake Trade Lake
Grouse Lake McKinley
Half Moon Lake Balsam Lake
Hatchet Lake Frederic
Hawthorn Lake Frederic
Hay Lake Big Round Lake
Herby Lake Cushing
Hickory Lake Frederic
Highland Lake McKinley
Hoover Lake Cushing
Horse Lake Nye
Horseshoe Lake Turtle Lake
Horseshoe Lake Cushing
Horseshoe Lake Nye
Ice House Lake Amery
Ice Lake Clam Falls
Island Lake Nye
Island Lake Deer Park
Jim Lake Amery
Joe Lake Wapogasset Lake
Johnson Lake Big Round Lake
Johnson Lake McKinley
Kenny Lake Luck
King Lake Wapogasset Lake
Kinney Lake Wapogasset Lake
Knife Lake Cushing
L Horseshoe Lake Cushing
Lake Evelyn Big Round Lake
Lake Kenabee Wapogasset Lake
Lake O’ the Dalles Saint Croix Dalles
Lamont Lake Big Round Lake
Land Lake Trade Lake
Largon Lake McKinley
Larsen Lake Nye
Laurel Lake Balsam Lake
Lee Lake Nye
Lees Lake Milltown
Legoo Lake Saint Croix Dalles
Lincoln Lake Amery
Little Bass Lake Balsam Lake
Little Blake Lake Range
Little Butternut Lake Milltown
Little Horseshoe Lake Cushing
Little Horseshoe Lake Nye
Little Horseshoe Lake Turtle Lake
Little Largon Lake McKinley
Little Mirror Lake Milltown
Little Pine Lake Big Round Lake
Little Pine Lake Luck
Little Round Lake Centuria
Little Round Lake Turtle Lake
Little Ward Lake Big Round Lake
Lone Pine Lake Trade River
Long Lake Forest
Long Lake Centuria
Long Lake Big Round Lake
Long Lake Turtle Lake
Long Trade Lake Milltown
Loon Lake Big Round Lake
Lost Lake Big Round Lake
Lost Lake Luck
Lotus Lake Nye
Loveless Lake Balsam Lake
Lower Lake Osceola
Lower Pine Lake New Richmond North
Lykens Lake Balsam Lake
Mackie Lake Big Round Lake
Magnor Lake Clayton
Mallard Lake Luck
Manitou Lake Cushing
Mansen Lake Nye
Margaret Lake Clam Falls
Marsh Lake Clam Falls
Marsh Lake Clayton
Martel Lake McKinley
McKeith Lake Cushing
McKenzie Lake Big Round Lake
Mill Pond Balsam Lake
Miller Camp Lake McKinley
Mud Lake Cushing
Mud Lake Nye
Mud Lake Wapogasset Lake
Mud Lake Balsam Lake
Mud Lake Balsam Lake
Mud Lake Turtle Lake
Mud Lake Clayton
Mud Lake Turtle Lake
Mud Lake McKinley
Mullins Lake Big Round Lake
Murdock Lake Luck
Nimon Lake Cushing
North Fish Lake Deer Park
North Pipe Lake McKinley
North Twin Lake Amery
Omer Lake Amery
Orr Lake Cushing
Osceola Lake Osceola
Ox Lake Wapogasset Lake
Palmer Lake Amery
Park Lake Wapogasset Lake
Parker Lake Balsam Lake
Paulsen Lake Nye
Paulson Lake Clayton
Peaslee Lake Osceola
Phillips Lake Turtle Lake
Pickerel Lake Big Round Lake
Pike Lake Amery
Pine Island Lake Cushing
Pine Lake Big Round Lake
Pine Lake Nye
Pine Lake Wapogasset Lake
Pipe Lake McKinley
Pleasant Lake Nye
Poplar Lake Centuria
Rhinstad Lake Big Round Lake
Rice Lake Osceola
Rice Lake Nye
Rice Lake Cushing
Rice Lake Trade Lake
Rice Lake Luck
Rock Lake Centuria
Roger Lake Cushing
Round Lake Nye
Round Lake Cushing
Round Lake Centuria
Round Lake McKinley
Sand Lake Nye
Sandhill Lake Milltown
Sedge Lake Big Round Lake
Shiloh Lake Range
Silver Lake Turtle Lake
Simpson Lake Cushing
Smith Lake Wapogasset Lake
Smith Lake Turtle Lake
Snake Lake Amery
Snake Lake Turtle Lake
Snowshoe Lake McKinley
Somers Lake Clam Falls
South Fish Lake Deer Park
South Twin Lake Amery
Spring Lake Milltown
Square Lake Range
Straight Lake Luck
Sugarbush Lake Turtle Lake
Summerfield Lake Wapogasset Lake
Surprise Lake Nye
Swede Lake Nye
T Lake Cushing
Tarbert Lake Cushing
Townline Lake Range
Trident Lake Wapogasset Lake
Tula Lake Clam Falls
Tuttle Lake Saint Croix Dalles
Twenty-Ninth Lake Balsam Lake
Twin Lakes Cushing
Twin Lakes Cushing
Twin Lakes Range
Vincent Lake Big Round Lake
Wallin Lake Milltown
Ward Lake Big Round Lake
Weiss Lake Clam Falls
White Ash Lake Range
Wild Goose Lake Balsam Lake
Wind Lake Nye
Wintergreen Lake McKinley
Wolf Lake Cushing
Young Lake Frederic

This is a list of all the lakes in Polk County, Wisconsin. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.