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Topo Map of Lakes in Price County, Wisconsin

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Lakes in Price County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
Axels Lake Priest Lake
Bass Lake Oxbo
Bass Lake Oxbo
Bass Lake Cranberry Lake
Bass Lake Butternut Lake
Bass Lake Timms Hill
Bear Lake Blockhouse Lake
Beaver Lake Gates Lake
Beaverdam Lake Blockhouse Lake
Bergeson Lake Timms Hill
Betsy Lake Lugerville
Big Briens Lake Big Briens Lake
Big Dardis Lake Cranberry Lake
Blockhouse Lake Blockhouse Lake
Buckman Lake Butternut Lake
Bullhead Lake Blockhouse Lake
Butternut Lake Butternut Lake
Byhre Lake Pike Lake NW
Camp Four Springs Pike Lake NW
Carp Lake Oxbo
Cat Lake Oxbo
Cochran Lake Pike Lake
Constellation Lake Oxbo
Cooley Lake Butternut Lake
Coolidge Lake Priest Lake
Cranberry Lake Prentice
Crane and Chase Lake Lac Sault Dore
Dankes Lake Lugerville
Dave Lake Oxbo
Davis Lake Priest Lake
Deadman Slough Oxbo
Deer Lake Phillips
Deer Lake Pike Lake
Dog Lake Oxbo
Donavan Lake Cranberry Lake
Duroy Lake Phillips
Elk Lake Phillips
Fickle Lake Timms Hill
Gardner Lake Butternut Lake
Gates Lake Gates Lake
Granger Lake Blockhouse Lake
Grassy Lake Lac Sault Dore
Hansen Lake Blockhouse Lake
Homestead Lake Oxbo
Hultman Lake Timms Hill
Iodine Lake Blockhouse Lake
Island Lake Pike Lake NW
Johnson Lake Timms Hill
Jupa Lake Pike Lake
Kabol Lake Pike Lake NW
Lac Sault Dore Lac Sault Dore
Lake Alice Kennedy
Lake Annie Kennedy
Lake Seven Kennan
Lake Sixteen Pennington
Lake Ten Pennington
Lake Three Phillips
Le Tourneau Lake Oxbo
LeClaire Lake Lugerville
Leonards Lakes Priest Lake
Lindberg Lake Ogema
Little Bass Lake Timms Hill
Little Briens Lake Big Briens Lake
Little Dardis Lake Cranberry Lake
Long Lake Oxbo
Lost Lake Cranberry Lake
Lost Lake Blockhouse Lake
McArthur Lake Pike Lake
McIlquham Lake Lac Sault Dore
Meadow Lake Timms Hill
Middle Price Lake Oxbo
Miles Lake Pike Lake
Mill Pond Butternut Lake
Mud Lake Oxbo
Mud Lake Kennedy
Mud Lake Butternut Lake
Mud Lake Butternut Lake
Mud Lake Pike Lake SW
Murphy Lake Cranberry Lake
Nettie B Lake Pike Lake NW
Newman Lake Pike Lake NW
Newman Springs Pike Lake NW
Nichols Lake Gates Lake
North Spirit Lake Timms Hill
Oles Lake Pike Lake
Oxbo Lake Oxbo
Patterson Lake Pike Lake NW
Pearson Lake Timms Hill
Penny Lake Pike Lake NW
Perch Lake Lac Sault Dore
Perch Lake Lugerville
Peters Lake Lugerville
Pike Lake Pike Lake
Planet Lake Blockhouse Lake
Pond Lake Pike Lake
Pot Lake Oxbo
Pot Lake Phillips
Price Lake Oxbo
Priest Lake Priest Lake
Quimette Lake Pike Lake NW
Riley Lake Pike Lake SW
Risberg Lake Timms Hill
Round Lake Pike Lake
Round Lake Kennedy
Sailor Lake Gates Lake
Schmuland Flowage Gates Lake
Schnur Lake Butternut Lake
Smith Lake Park Falls
South Lake Pike Lake NW
Spur Lake Gates Lake
Stone Lake Timms Hill
Sweeney Lake Priest Lake
Tackle Lake Pike Lake
Thirtyfive Lakes Timms Hill
Thompson Lake Pike Lake NW
Timms Lake Timms Hill
Townline Lake Pike Lake
Tracy Lake Blockhouse Lake
Tucker Lake Pike Lake
Turner Lake Pike Lake
Twin Lakes Pike Lake
Upper Price Lake Oxbo
Warner Lake Phillips
Whitcomb Lake Pike Lake NW
Wilson Flowage Pike Lake SW
Wilson Lake Phillips
Wintergreen Lake Blockhouse Lake
Worcester Lake Prentice

This is a list of all the lakes in Price County, Wisconsin. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.