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Topo Map of Reservoirs in Campbell County, Wyoming

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Reservoirs in Campbell County Wyoming

Place USGS Topo Map
Alan Reservoir Scott Dam
Allee Reservoir Green Hill
Arno Spring Reservoir Double Tanks
Artesian Upper Reservoir Dry Fork Ranch
Barney Number 2 Reservoir Adon
Bates Reservoir Bowman Hill
Baumfalk Reservoir Fortin Draw
Baumfalk Reservoir Fortin Draw
Beaver Creek Reservoir Wags Pinnacle
Bennor Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Black Reservoir Double Tanks
Bogie Reservoir Bogie Draw
Bonnie Reservoir Bonnie Reservoir
Boyken Number 2 Reservoir Jeffers Draw
Broken Jaw Reservoir Echeta
Brower Reservoir Coon Track Creek
Brown Reservoir Rolling Pin Ranch
Buck Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Bunker Butte Reservoir Bowman Hill
Butte Reservoir Pleasantdale
C White Number 1 Reservoir Rozet NW
Caballo Reservoir The Gap SW
Cabin Canyon Reservoir Whitetail Creek
California Reservoir Laskie Draw
Carson Reservoir Recluse
Channey Reservoir Appel Butte
Charlie Reservoir Double Tanks
Charlie Reservoir Double Tanks
Cherry Reservoir Rozet SE
Chicago Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Cliff White Reservoir Rozet NW
Coal Mine Reservoir Coyote Draw
Coat Mine Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Cook Reservoir Moyer Springs
Corner Reservoir Calf Creek
Coyote Reservoir Coyote Draw
Daly Reservoir Rawhide School
Davis Reservoir Lone Tree Creek
Davis Reservoir Lone Tree Creek
Dayton Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Dead Horse Reservoir Morgan Draw
Dead Horse Reservoir Number 2 Bogie Draw
Deaver Number 1 Reservoir Rough Creek
Denton Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Dogtown Reservoir Scott Dam
Donna Reservoir Mitten Butte
Donna Reservoir Mitten Butte
Double Tanks Double Tanks
Dresher Reservoir North Butte
Drum Reservoir Coyote Draw
Durham Reservoir Threemile Creek Reservoir
Dutch Reservoir Fortin Draw
East Side Reservoir Appel Butte
Eaton Reservoir Corral Creek
Echetah Reservoir Twentymile Butte
Edgerton Reservoir Brislawn School
Edgerton Reservoir Brislawn School
Endgate Reservoir Spotted Horse
Enyard Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
Fischer Reservoir Rozet
Fitzgerald Reservoir Larey Draw
Flat Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Fletcher Reservoir Wildcat
Force Reservoir Oriva
Ford Reservoir Number 1 Cabin Creek NE
Fortification Reservoir Carr Draw
Four-4 Line Camp Reservoir Wags Pinnacle
Fox Farm Reservoir Corral Creek
Gary Reservoir Mitten Butte
Gates Reservoir Jeffers Draw
Gibbons Number 1 Reservoir Truman Draw
Gillette Fishing Lake Gillette East
Greasewood Reservoir Greasewood Reservoir
Greenough Reservoir Black Draw
Gregersen Reservoir Gillette West
Grover Reservoir Calf Creek
Gupton Reservoir Oriva NW
Haight Reservoir The Gap SW
Haire Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
Hart Reservoir Double Tanks
Hauber Reservoir Lone Tree Creek
Hawk Point Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Hill Reservoir Rockypoint
Hill Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
Hill Reservoir Appel Butte
Hoe Creek Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Horse Creek Reservoir Wildcat
Innes Reservoir Wags Pinnacle
Isenberger Reservoir Hilight
J D Reservoir Corral Creek
Jack Reservoir Croton
Jackson Reservoir Kline Draw
Jackson Reservoir Lone Tree Creek
Janice Reservoir Appel Butte
Jiggs Reservoir Rozet
Jiggs Reservoir Rozet
Johnson Reservoir Scott Dam
Karen Reservoir Morgan Draw
Kelly Reservoir Coyote Draw
Keuhne Reservoir Rozet SE
Kirby Reservoir Morgan Draw
Knob Reservoir Appel Butte
Knowland Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
Koch Reservoir Rawhide School
Lake Bed Reservoir Appel Butte
Laskie Reservoir Laskie Draw
Lee Mankin Reservoir Scott Dam
Les Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
Little Reservoir Appel Butte
Little Thunder Reservoir Little Thunder Reservoir
Little Wild Horse Reservoir Threemile Creek Reservoir
Lone Tree Reservoir Lone Tree Creek
Lower Threemile Reservoir Threemile Creek Reservoir
Mankin Reservoir Appel Butte
Margaret Sarah Reservoir Appel Butte
Marlon Reservoir Adon NW
Marquiss Reservoir Rocky Butte Gulch
Mary Alice Reservoir Appel Butte
Mary Reservoir Tuttle Draw
Mary Reservoir Saddle Horse Butte
McConnell Number 1 Reservoir Bowman Hill
Middaugh Reservoir Pine Tree
Mill Iron Cross Reservoir Homestead Draw SW
Mitch Number 2 Reservoir Bowman Hill
Mitch Reservoir Bonnie Reservoir
Morgan Reservoir Morgan Draw
Moser Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Mrytle Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Myrtle Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Nelson Reservoir Rozet
Nettie Reservoir Weston
Norfolk Reservoir Pitch Draw
Norfolk Reservoir Pitch Draw
North School Section Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
North Trail Reservoir Mitten Butte
Oiler Reservoir Fortin Draw
Okeson Reservoir Larey Draw
Oluf Reservoir Appel Butte
P R Reservoir Truman Draw
Parks Number 1 Reservoir Mitten Butte
Parks Reservoir Rockypoint
Patra Number 2 Reservoir Pleasantdale
Patra Number 3 Reservoir Pleasantdale
Pedersen Reservoir Pleasantdale
Pipe Reservoir Appel Butte
Piper Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Pippin Reservoir Weston
Plum Tree Reservoir White Tail Butte
Ponch Reservoir White Tail Butte
Pumpkin Creek Reservoir Wags Pinnacle
Punkie Reservoir Morgan Draw
Raccoon Reservoir Coon Track Creek
Raw Hide Reservoir Moyer Springs
Rawhide Mine Main Reservoir Moyer Springs
Rawhide Reservoir Moyer Springs
Red Top Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Red Top Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Reno 9-240-1 Reservoir Hilight
Reno Number 1 Reservoir Reno Reservoir
Reno Reservoir Reno Reservoir
Reno Reservoir Rattlesnake Draw
Rivenburgh Reservoir Whitetail Creek NE
Rock Butte Number 2 Reservoir Rocky Butte Gulch
Rocky Gulch Reservoir Rocky Butte Gulch
Rocky Reservoir Appel Butte
Romaker Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Rourke Number 1 Reservoir The Gap
Rourke Reservoir The Gap
Sager Reservoir Reno Junction
Sand Rock Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Sawmill Reservoir Corral Creek
Scaper Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Schlautan Reservoir Savageton
School Reservoir Rozet NW
Scott Reservoir Wildcat
Scott Storage Reservoir Truman Draw
Shaffer Reservoir Appel Butte
Shober Number 1 Reservoir Oliver Draw
Sibyl Reservoir Appel Butte
Smith Reservoir Open A Ranch
Smith Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Snyder Homestead Reservoir Weston
South Reservoir Morgan Draw
South Reservoir Appel Butte
Spath Reservoir Open A Ranch
Stone Number 1 Reservoir The Gap SW
Stone Number 2 Reservoir Appel Butte
Stuart Reservoir Little Thunder Reservoir
Suranyi Reservoir Larey Draw
Tanner Number 1 Reservoir Fortin Draw
Teckla Number 1 Reservoir Reno Flats
Teckla Number Fs 9 298 4 Reservoir Piney Canyon SW
Tharp Reservoir Calf Creek
The Robb Reservoir Open A Ranch
Threemile Creek Reservoir Threemile Creek Reservoir
Thunder Basin Number 10 Reservoir Little Thunder Reservoir
Tibbs Reservoir Reservoir Creek
Tony Reservoir Bowman Hill
Truman Reservoir Coyote Draw
Upper Bushnell Reservoir Four Bar J Ranch
Upper Reservoir Scott Dam
Valarie Reservoir Tuttle Draw
Vaugh Reservoir Oliver Draw
Warren Reservoir Black Draw
West Pearson Reservoir Morgan Draw
White Number 2 Reservoir Rozet NW
Wilks Reservoir Bowman Hill
Williams Reservoir Calf Creek
Williams Reservoir Coon Track Creek
Worth Reservoir Scaper Reservoir
Wyodak Ash Pond Reservoir Gillette East

This is a list of all the reservoirs in Campbell County, Wyoming. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.