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Topo Map of Lakes in Klamath County, Oregon

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Lakes in Klamath County Oregon

Place USGS Topo Map
Ace Pond Ponina Butte
Agency Lake Agency Lake
Alkali Lake Bonanza
Arrowhead Lake Willamette Pass
Aspen Lake Aspen Lake
Avalanche Lake Lake of the Woods South
Beal Lake Rustler Peak
Bert Lake Pelican Butte
Bingham Lakes Cowhorn Mountain
Blue Lake Rustler Peak
Boggs Lake Langell Valley
Bonnie Lake Willamette Pass
Boulder Pond Devils Peak
Buck Lake Lake of the Woods South
Budger Lake Lake of the Woods North
Captain Jack Lake Bryant Mountain
Carey Lake Rustler Peak
Center Lake Pelican Butte
Cliff Lake Devils Peak
Cloud Lake Group Pelican Butte
Clover Lake Aspen Lake
Cornett Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Coyote Lake Aspen Lake
Crater Lake Crater Lake East
Crescent Lake Crescent Lake
Darlene Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Dee Lake Pelican Butte
Deep Lake Pelican Butte
Deep Lake Pelican Butte
Deer Lake Pelican Butte
DeVaul Lake Goodlow Mountain
Diamond View Lake Willamette Pass
Donna Lake Pelican Butte
Dry Gulch Pond Dry Prairie
Dry Lake Horsefly Mountain
Dry Prairie Number One Pond Dry Prairie
Eb Lake Aspen Lake
Echo Lake Aspen Lake
Effie Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Electric Pond Ponina Butte
Farrell Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Fawn Lake Willamette Pass
Finch Lake Devils Peak
Flat Lake S'Ocholis Canyon
Fly Lake Pelican Butte
Forty Pond Dry Prairie
Fourmile Lake Mount McLoughlin
Fox Lake Chicken Hills
Freye Lake Mount McLoughlin
Frog Lake Imnaha Creek
Grass Lake Devils Peak
Gully Pond Dry Prairie
Hawks Lake S'Ocholis Canyon
Heavenly Twin Lakes Pelican Butte
Hemlock Lake Pelican Butte
Hemlock Lake Aspen Lake
Hidden Lake Willamette Pass
Holst Lake Pelican Butte
Horn Pond Dry Prairie
Horseshoe Lake Rustler Peak
Isherwood Lake Pelican Butte
Island Lake Pelican Butte
J Pond Yainax Butte
Johnny Lake Yonna
Karen Lake Willamette Pass
Klipple Lake Riverbed Butte
Lake Alta Devils Peak
Lake Aphis Lake of the Woods North
Lake Bernice Lake of the Woods North
Lake Clovis Lake of the Woods North
Lake Como Aspen Lake
Lake Elizabeth Pelican Butte
Lake Ewauna Klamath Falls
Lake Florence Pelican Butte
Lake Francis Pelican Butte
Lake Gladys Pelican Butte
Lake Harriette Aspen Lake
Lake Hunice Pelican Butte
Lake Ivern Devils Peak
Lake Janice Lake of the Woods North
Lake Land Pelican Butte
Lake Liza Pelican Butte
Lake Malice Lake of the Woods North
Lake No-Se-Um Pelican Butte
Lake Notasha Pelican Butte
Lake of the Woods Lake of the Woods South
Lake Ruden Pelican Butte
Lake Sonya Pelican Butte
Lake Waban Lake of the Woods South
Largent Pond Klamath Falls
Lilly Pond Lake of the Woods North
Lils Lake Willamette Pass
Lockey Flat Goodlow Mountain
Log Lake Yonna
Lonesome Pond Ponina Butte
Long Lake Lake of the Woods North
Lost Lake Antler Point
Lost Lake Pelican Butte
Lower Rosary Lake Odell Lake
Maiden Lake Odell Lake
Margurette Lake Pelican Butte
Martin Lake Pelican Butte
Meadow Lake Rustler Peak
Meek Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Middle Lake Devils Peak
Middle Rosary Lake Willamette Pass
Miller Lake Miller Lake
Miner Pond Dry Prairie
Mirror Pond Mount McLoughlin
Mosquito Lake Pelican Butte
Muckney Lake Sprague River East
Mud Lake Rustler Peak
Mystic Lake Aspen Lake
Nip and Tuck Lakes Cowhorn Mountain
Nobel Pond Goodlow Mountain
Norris Pond Mount McLoughlin
North Lake Devils Peak
North Rosary Lake Willamette Pass
Nuss Lake Altamont
Oatman Lake Keno
Odell Lake Willamette Pass
Oldenburg Lake Crescent Lake
Orris Pond Mount McLoughlin
Pankey Lake Goodlow Mountain
Paragon Lake Aspen Lake
Pear Lake Rustler Peak
Pinewan Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Pitch Lake Barnes Valley
Powerline Pond Ponina Butte
Prairie Pond Dry Prairie
Pretty Lake Willamette Pass
Puck Lakes Devils Peak
Punky Lake Pelican Butte
Quillwort Pond Union Peak
Red Lake Pelican Butte
Riddle Field Sprague River West
Rock Pond Lorella
Rocky Pond Yainax Butte
Rosary Lakes Willamette Pass
Rose Mary Pond Spodue Mountain
Round Lake Bear Butte
Saddle Lake Willamette Pass
Short Lake Bonanza
Snell Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Snow Lakes Pelican Butte
Snow Lakes Devils Peak
Some Chance Pond Cooks Mountain
South Blue Lake Group Rustler Peak
South Lake Devils Peak
South Pass Lake Aspen Lake
Sow Bug Lake Willamette Pass
Spring Lake Lost River
Squaw Lake Mount McLoughlin
Stag Lake Willamette Pass
Storm Lake Aspen Lake
Stump Pond Lorella
Summit Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Suzanne Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Swan Lake Swan Lake
Timberline Lake Willamette Pass
Trapper Lake Pelican Butte
Tsuga Lake Pelican Butte
Upper Klamath Lake Shoalwater Bay
Vinson Pond Dry Prairie
Weston Lake Lake of the Woods South
White Pine Lake Pelican Butte
Whitehorse Pond Crater Lake West
Wild Billy Lake Spodue Mountain
Wild Pond Ponina Butte
Wind Lake Pelican Butte
Windigo Lakes Tolo Mountain
Windy Lakes Cowhorn Mountain
Wizzard Lake Pelican Butte
Woodpecker Lake Lake of the Woods North
Yoran Lake Willamette Pass
Zeb Lake Aspen Lake

This is a list of all the lakes in Klamath County, Oregon. In some cases there are duplicate names so try to select the one you are looking for based on the USGS quad topo map name which is often a recognizable feature or town nearby.