Castles You Need to See in America

The pinnacle of all castles in America has to be Hearst Castle on the central coast of California. It is truly jaw-dropping even when compared to many much older castles scattered about Europe. If you haven’t taken a tour at Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument, then add it to your bucket list now. Having seen that castle might whet your appetite for seeing other grand castles around our country. Each one has a story to tell and they are each unique in design. Some are in ruin now while others are preserved for all to see.

Here are America’s Best Castles

Hearst Castle, California

Boldt Castle, New York

Hammond Castle, Massachusetts

Bannerman Castle Ruins, New York

Martin Castle, Kentucky

Scotty’s Castle, Death Valley National Park

Crane Castle, Massachusetts

Westminster Castle, Colorado

Photo by J Pock Wikipedia

Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins, Missouri

Gillette Castle, Connecticut

Warner Castle, New York

Photo by Somebleu Wikipedia

Mac-A-Cheek & Mac-O-Chee (The Piatt Castles), Ohio

Mac O Chee Castle, photo by J Todd Poling Flickr

Coral Castle, Florida

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