Topographic Map Civil Features in Windham County, Connecticut

Browse by County - Windham, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Town of Ashford Civil Windham Westford 531 feet 41.886ºN 72.173ºW
Town of Brooklyn Civil Windham Danielson 210 feet 41.788ºN 71.956ºW
Town of Canterbury Civil Windham Scotland 351 feet 41.697ºN 72.003ºW
Town of Chaplin Civil Windham Spring Hill 390 feet 41.792ºN 72.126ºW
Town of Eastford Civil Windham Eastford 653 feet 41.894ºN 72.097ºW
Town of Hampton Civil Windham Hampton 695 feet 41.787ºN 72.059ºW
Town of Killingly Civil Windham East Killingly 449 feet 41.831ºN 71.850ºW
Town of Plainfield Civil Windham Plainfield 400 feet 41.701ºN 71.895ºW
Town of Pomfret Civil Windham Danielson 430 feet 41.863ºN 71.984ºW
Town of Putnam Civil Windham Thompson 410 feet 41.906ºN 71.870ºW
Town of Scotland Civil Windham Scotland 272 feet 41.700ºN 72.083ºW
Town of Sterling Civil Windham Oneco 384 feet 41.702ºN 71.816ºW
Town of Thompson Civil Windham Putnam 469 feet 41.985ºN 71.878ºW
Town of Windham Civil Windham Willimantic 233 feet 41.711ºN 72.167ºW
Town of Woodstock Civil Windham Eastford 794 feet 41.965ºN 72.022ºW
Windham County Civil Windham Hampton 541 feet 41.833ºN 72.000ºW
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