Topographic Map Lake Features in Caribou County, Idaho

Browse by County - Caribou, Feature Type - Lake

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Burchett Lake Lake Caribou China Hat 6114 feet 42.827ºN 111.587ºW
Gronewell Lake Lake Caribou China Hat 6114 feet 42.833ºN 111.586ºW
Hole in the Rock Lake Caribou China Hat 6091 feet 42.834ºN 111.612ºW
Horse Lake Lake Caribou Bear Camp Gulch 6672 feet 42.838ºN 112.080ºW
Loa Lake Lake Caribou North Canyon 7108 feet 42.422ºN 111.622ºW
Swan Lake Lake Caribou Fossil Canyon 6199 feet 42.609ºN 111.475ºW
Swan Lakes Lake Caribou Fossil Canyon 6189 feet 42.607ºN 111.475ºW
The Narrows Lake Caribou Reservoir Mountain 6120 feet 42.968ºN 111.652ºW
The Ponds Lake Caribou Harrington Peak 7344 feet 42.609ºN 111.350ºW
The Reservoir Lake Caribou Soda Springs 5983 feet 42.718ºN 111.624ºW
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