Topographic Map Civil Features in Effingham County, Illinois

Browse by County - Effingham, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Effingham County Civil Effingham Effingham South 571 feet 39.050ºN 88.583ºW
Township of Banner Civil Effingham Shumway 640 feet 39.199ºN 88.635ºW
Township of Bishop Civil Effingham Dieterich 577 feet 39.048ºN 88.421ºW
Township of Douglas Civil Effingham Effingham North 613 feet 39.168ºN 88.533ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Effingham Altamont East 499 feet 39.050ºN 88.634ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Effingham Shumway 594 feet 39.193ºN 88.749ºW
Township of Lucas Civil Effingham Eberle 564 feet 38.962ºN 88.409ºW
Township of Mason Civil Effingham Edgewood 571 feet 38.959ºN 88.635ºW
Township of Moccasin Civil Effingham Beecher City 590 feet 39.129ºN 88.752ºW
Township of Mound Civil Effingham Altamont East 633 feet 39.044ºN 88.750ºW
Township of Saint Francis Civil Effingham Teutopolis 584 feet 39.131ºN 88.407ºW
Township of Summit Civil Effingham Shumway 607 feet 39.129ºN 88.635ºW
Township of Teutopolis Civil Effingham Teutopolis 597 feet 39.130ºN 88.498ºW
Township of Union Civil Effingham Hord 489 feet 38.959ºN 88.522ºW
Township of Watson Civil Effingham Effingham South 554 feet 39.044ºN 88.521ºW
Township of West Civil Effingham Loogootee 571 feet 38.961ºN 88.751ºW
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