Topographic Map Civil Features in Macoupin County, Illinois

Browse by County - Macoupin, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Macoupin County Civil Macoupin Carlinville West 620 feet 39.267ºN 89.933ºW
Township of Barr Civil Macoupin Scottville 643 feet 39.388ºN 90.090ºW
Township of Bird Civil Macoupin Hettick 600 feet 39.300ºN 90.017ºW
Township of Brighton Civil Macoupin Shipman 633 feet 39.042ºN 90.086ºW
Township of Brushy Mound Civil Macoupin Gillespie North 679 feet 39.216ºN 89.864ºW
Township of Bunker Hill Civil Macoupin Bunker Hill 617 feet 39.044ºN 89.980ºW
Township of Cahokia Civil Macoupin Gillespie North 649 feet 39.130ºN 89.756ºW
Township of Carlinville Civil Macoupin Carlinville East 630 feet 39.304ºN 89.873ºW
Township of Chesterfield Civil Macoupin Summerville 571 feet 39.216ºN 90.090ºW
Township of Dorchester Civil Macoupin Gillespie South 620 feet 39.041ºN 89.866ºW
Township of Gillespie Civil Macoupin Gillespie North 649 feet 39.134ºN 89.872ºW
Township of Girard Civil Macoupin Virden South 672 feet 39.449ºN 89.758ºW
Township of Hillyard Civil Macoupin Plainview 626 feet 39.129ºN 89.972ºW
Township of Honey Point Civil Macoupin Gillespie North 663 feet 39.218ºN 89.758ºW
Township of Mount Olive Civil Macoupin Gillespie South 643 feet 39.065ºN 89.753ºW
Township of Nilwood Civil Macoupin Virden South 640 feet 39.394ºN 89.752ºW
Township of North Otter Civil Macoupin Virden South 659 feet 39.479ºN 89.870ºW
Township of North Palmyra Civil Macoupin Palmyra 679 feet 39.478ºN 89.981ºW
Township of Polk Civil Macoupin Plainview 607 feet 39.215ºN 89.977ºW
Township of Scottville Civil Macoupin Scottville 663 feet 39.477ºN 90.097ºW
Township of Shaws Point Civil Macoupin Carlinville East 633 feet 39.301ºN 89.763ºW
Township of Shipman Civil Macoupin Summerville 613 feet 39.133ºN 90.097ºW
Township of South Otter Civil Macoupin Virden South 659 feet 39.391ºN 89.864ºW
Township of South Palmyra Civil Macoupin Palmyra 620 feet 39.391ºN 89.974ºW
Township of Staunton Civil Macoupin Gillespie South 640 feet 39.019ºN 89.752ºW
Township of Virden Civil Macoupin Virden North 669 feet 39.500ºN 89.759ºW
Township of Western Mound Civil Macoupin Hettick 499 feet 39.307ºN 90.090ºW
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