Topographic Map Dam Features in Will County, Illinois

Browse by County - Will, Feature Type - Dam

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Braidwood Station Cooling Pond Dam Dam Will Essex 626 feet 41.208ºN 88.217ºW
Brandon Locks Dam Will Joliet 528 feet 41.504ºN 88.099ºW
Brandon Road Lock and Dam Dam Will Joliet 528 feet 41.505ºN 88.098ºW
Deer Lake Dam Dam Will Dyer 672 feet 41.460ºN 87.609ºW
Doyle Lake Dam Dam Will Symerton 630 feet 41.337ºN 88.072ºW
Hamburgh-Martin Number 6 Dam Dam Will Mokena 705 feet 41.505ºN 87.900ºW
Joliet Junior College Lake Dam Dam Will Plainfield 567 feet 41.518ºN 88.185ºW
Kemery Lake Dam Dam Will Symerton 590 feet 41.365ºN 88.104ºW
Lock Number 1 Dam Will Joliet 574 feet 41.583ºN 88.062ºW
Lock Number 2 Dam Will Joliet 561 feet 41.568ºN 88.070ºW
Lock Number 3 Dam Will Joliet 551 feet 41.554ºN 88.076ºW
Lock Number 4 Dam Will Joliet 544 feet 41.552ºN 88.076ºW
Lock Number 6 Dam Will Channahon 512 feet 41.423ºN 88.229ºW
Lock Number 7 Dam Will Channahon 508 feet 41.421ºN 88.229ºW
Lockport Locks Dam Will Joliet 528 feet 41.569ºN 88.079ºW
Lockport Powerhouse and Controling Work Dam Dam Will Joliet 574 feet 41.570ºN 88.078ºW
Monee Reservoir Dam Dam Will Frankfort 741 feet 41.388ºN 87.761ºW
Puddle Pond Dam Dam Will Plainfield 600 feet 41.575ºN 88.222ºW
Sauk Trail Dam Dam Will Frankfort 731 feet 41.488ºN 87.797ºW
Spillway 531 Dam Will Wilmington 528 feet 41.301ºN 88.151ºW
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