Topographic Map Civil Features in Allen County, Indiana

Browse by County - Allen, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Allen County Civil Allen Fort Wayne East 758 feet 41.071ºN 85.014ºW
Township of Aboite Civil Allen Arcola 833 feet 41.052ºN 85.285ºW
Township of Adams Civil Allen Fort Wayne East 790 feet 41.046ºN 85.051ºW
Township of Cedar Creek Civil Allen Cedarville 790 feet 41.225ºN 85.017ºW
Township of Eel River Civil Allen Churubusco 866 feet 41.228ºN 85.256ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Allen Woodburn South 761 feet 41.055ºN 84.838ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Allen Maples 777 feet 41.051ºN 84.941ºW
Township of Lafayette Civil Allen Zanesville 830 feet 40.963ºN 85.286ºW
Township of Lake Civil Allen Churubusco 856 feet 41.129ºN 85.275ºW
Township of Madison Civil Allen Hoagland 807 feet 40.959ºN 84.941ºW
Township of Marion Civil Allen Poe 804 feet 40.962ºN 85.057ºW
Township of Maumee Civil Allen Woodburn North 745 feet 41.137ºN 84.839ºW
Township of Milan Civil Allen Grabill 758 feet 41.138ºN 84.948ºW
Township of Monroe Civil Allen Dixon 771 feet 40.966ºN 84.844ºW
Township of Perry Civil Allen Huntertown 859 feet 41.220ºN 85.126ºW
Township of Pleasant Civil Allen Ossian 787 feet 40.960ºN 85.169ºW
Township of Saint Joseph Civil Allen Cedarville 797 feet 41.138ºN 85.064ºW
Township of Scipio Civil Allen Woodburn North 745 feet 41.227ºN 84.827ºW
Township of Springfield Civil Allen Grabill 820 feet 41.228ºN 84.908ºW
Township of Washington Civil Allen Huntertown 820 feet 41.136ºN 85.174ºW
Township of Wayne Civil Allen Fort Wayne West 774 feet 41.049ºN 85.165ºW
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