Topographic Map Airport Features in Somerset County, Maine

Browse by County - Somerset, Feature Type - Airport

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Beech Hill Airport Airport Somerset Mercer 623 feet 44.667ºN 69.893ºW
Bob-Mar Airport Airport Somerset Fairfield 285 feet 44.599ºN 69.623ºW
Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock Airport Somerset Norridgewock 266 feet 44.715ºN 69.866ºW
Cianbro Heliport Airport Somerset Newport 236 feet 44.783ºN 69.372ºW
Gadabout Gaddis Airport Airport Somerset Mahoney Hill 341 feet 45.040ºN 69.868ºW
Greenfield Hill Airport Airport Somerset Cambridge 626 feet 45.038ºN 69.479ºW
Grigons Landing Area Airport Somerset Pittsfield 377 feet 44.810ºN 69.473ºW
Hapworths Landing Area Airport Somerset Hinckley 223 feet 44.640ºN 69.670ºW
Hogans Field Airport Somerset New Portland 436 feet 44.922ºN 70.052ºW
Moose River Seaplane Base Airport Somerset Jackman 1161 feet 45.633ºN 70.266ºW
Newton Field Airport Somerset Heald Pond 1174 feet 45.632ºN 70.247ºW
Payne Field Airport Somerset Pittsfield 348 feet 44.855ºN 69.456ºW
Pittsfield Municipal Airport Airport Somerset Newport 187 feet 44.768ºN 69.374ºW
Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters Heliport Airport Somerset Seboomook Lake West 1223 feet 45.883ºN 69.982ºW
Sky Lodge Landing Strip Airport Somerset Jackman 1361 feet 45.658ºN 70.263ºW
Wesserunsett and Ice Seaplane Base Airport Somerset Madison East 335 feet 44.842ºN 69.769ºW
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