Topographic Map Civil Features in Custer County, Nebraska

Browse by County - Custer, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Broken Bow Civil Custer Broken Bow 2473 feet 41.405ºN 99.640ºW
Custer County Civil Custer Callaway NW 2722 feet 41.400ºN 99.884ºW
State of Nebraska Civil Custer Anselmo 2680 feet 41.500ºN 99.751ºW
Township of Algernon Civil Custer Mason City 2280 feet 41.223ºN 99.301ºW
Township of Ansley Civil Custer Ansley 2342 feet 41.289ºN 99.396ºW
Township of Arnold Civil Custer Arnold 2831 feet 41.454ºN 100.169ºW
Township of Berwyn Civil Custer Ansley 2394 feet 41.332ºN 99.500ºW
Township of Broken Bow Civil Custer Broken Bow 2509 feet 41.418ºN 99.638ºW
Township of Cliff Civil Custer Callaway NW 3001 feet 41.488ºN 99.972ºW
Township of Comstock Civil Custer Comstock 2283 feet 41.591ºN 99.248ºW
Township of Corner Civil Custer Sargent East 2512 feet 41.698ºN 99.265ºW
Township of Custer Civil Custer Callaway SE 2476 feet 41.272ºN 99.805ºW
Township of Delight Civil Custer Callaway 2699 feet 41.252ºN 99.960ºW
Township of Douglas Grove Civil Custer Sargent SE 2453 feet 41.549ºN 99.356ºW
Township of East Custer Civil Custer Broken Bow SE 2486 feet 41.260ºN 99.625ºW
Township of Elim Civil Custer Odencranze Table North 2896 feet 41.248ºN 100.141ºW
Township of Elk Creek Civil Custer Mason City SE 2358 feet 41.104ºN 99.324ºW
Township of Garfield Civil Custer Round Valley 2526 feet 41.509ºN 99.528ºW
Township of Grant Civil Custer Oconto SW 2811 feet 41.117ºN 99.968ºW
Township of Hayes Civil Custer Linscott 2795 feet 41.643ºN 100.107ºW
Township of Kilfoil Civil Custer Merna 2644 feet 41.489ºN 99.799ºW
Township of Lillian Civil Custer Round Valley 2483 feet 41.611ºN 99.540ºW
Township of Loup Civil Custer Eddyville NE 2424 feet 41.133ºN 99.546ºW
Township of Milburn Civil Custer Milburn 2539 feet 41.707ºN 99.642ºW
Township of Myrtle Civil Custer Ansley NE 2270 feet 41.376ºN 99.263ºW
Township of Ryno Civil Custer Callaway SE 2634 feet 41.341ºN 99.809ºW
Township of Sargent Civil Custer Sargent East 2358 feet 41.673ºN 99.371ºW
Township of Spring Creek Civil Custer Ansley NE 2319 feet 41.473ºN 99.279ºW
Township of Triumph Civil Custer Callaway 2814 feet 41.369ºN 99.998ºW
Township of Victoria Civil Custer Anselmo NE 2719 feet 41.651ºN 99.813ºW
Township of Wayne Civil Custer Odencranze Table South 2781 feet 41.116ºN 100.143ºW
Township of West Union Civil Custer Walworth 2572 feet 41.695ºN 99.502ºW
Township of Westerville Civil Custer Westerville 2362 feet 41.412ºN 99.396ºW
Township of Wood River Civil Custer Oconto 2598 feet 41.129ºN 99.778ºW
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