Topographic Map Civil Features in Pawnee County, Nebraska

Browse by County - Pawnee, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Pawnee County Civil Pawnee Steinauer 1296 feet 40.133ºN 96.234ºW
Precinct 1, Pawnee Number 1 Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Pawnee City 1184 feet 40.041ºN 96.187ºW
Precinct 2, Pawnee Number 2 Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Steinauer 1233 feet 40.126ºN 96.139ºW
Precinct 3, Table Rock Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Table Rock 1063 feet 40.202ºN 96.064ºW
Precinct 4, Steinauer Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Steinauer 1207 feet 40.214ºN 96.238ºW
Precinct 5, Burchard Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Liberty SE 1463 feet 40.091ºN 96.357ºW
Precinct 6, South Fork Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Du Bois 1069 feet 40.044ºN 96.067ºW
Precinct 7, Turkey Creek Election Precinct Civil Pawnee Lewiston 1384 feet 40.221ºN 96.405ºW
Township of Clay Civil Pawnee Pawnee City 1178 feet 40.042ºN 96.167ºW
Township of Clear Creek Civil Pawnee Steinauer 1200 feet 40.217ºN 96.175ºW
Township of Miles Civil Pawnee Burchard 1355 feet 40.131ºN 96.292ºW
Township of Mission Creek Civil Pawnee Liberty 1433 feet 40.042ºN 96.406ºW
Township of Pawnee Civil Pawnee Steinauer 1253 feet 40.131ºN 96.175ºW
Township of Plum Creek Civil Pawnee Lewiston 1348 feet 40.131ºN 96.409ºW
Township of Sheridan Civil Pawnee Table Rock 1174 feet 40.131ºN 96.064ºW
Township of South Fork Civil Pawnee Du Bois 1076 feet 40.042ºN 96.067ºW
Township of Steinauer Civil Pawnee Burchard 1299 feet 40.217ºN 96.292ºW
Township of Table Rock Civil Pawnee Table Rock 1096 feet 40.217ºN 96.064ºW
Township of Turkey Creek Civil Pawnee Lewiston 1410 feet 40.217ºN 96.406ºW
Township of West Branch Civil Pawnee Liberty SE 1384 feet 40.042ºN 96.292ºW
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