Topographic Map Civil Features in Cumberland County, New Jersey

Browse by County - Cumberland, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Borough of Shiloh Civil Cumberland Shiloh 115 feet 39.458ºN 75.298ºW
City of Bridgeton Civil Cumberland Bridgeton 30 feet 39.428ºN 75.228ºW
City of Millville Civil Cumberland Millville 46 feet 39.390ºN 75.054ºW
City of Vineland Civil Cumberland Five Points 102 feet 39.465ºN 74.997ºW
Cumberland County Civil Cumberland Dividing Creek 43 feet 39.350ºN 75.083ºW
Township of Commercial Civil Cumberland Dividing Creek 20 feet 39.283ºN 75.025ºW
Township of Deerfield Civil Cumberland Bridgeton 95 feet 39.475ºN 75.133ºW
Township of Downe Civil Cumberland Cedarville 10 feet 39.258ºN 75.150ºW
Township of Fairfield Civil Cumberland Ben Davis Point 3 feet 39.367ºN 75.266ºW
Township of Greenwich Civil Cumberland Canton 23 feet 39.392ºN 75.379ºW
Township of Hopewell Civil Cumberland Shiloh 72 feet 39.442ºN 75.258ºW
Township of Lawrence Civil Cumberland Cedarville 13 feet 39.325ºN 75.200ºW
Township of Maurice River Civil Cumberland Port Elizabeth 39 feet 39.300ºN 74.933ºW
Township of Stow Creek Civil Cumberland Shiloh 112 feet 39.458ºN 75.333ºW
Township of Upper Deerfield Civil Cumberland Bridgeton 112 feet 39.475ºN 75.208ºW
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