Topographic Map Area Features in Cibola County, New Mexico

Browse by County - Cibola, Feature Type - Area

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Acoma Pueblo Indian Land Area Cibola Lobo Springs 7990 feet 35.168ºN 107.722ºW
Bajar Quemazon Area Cibola Grants SE 6314 feet 35.097ºN 107.761ºW
Bajios Largo Area Cibola San Mateo 8203 feet 35.282ºN 107.714ºW
Bajios Redondos Area Cibola San Mateo 8020 feet 35.287ºN 107.737ºW
El Medano Area Cibola Grants SE 6501 feet 35.025ºN 107.829ºW
Frijol Morro Area Cibola San Rafael 7888 feet 35.077ºN 107.973ºW
Hole-In-The-Wall Area Cibola Ice Caves SE 7216 feet 34.854ºN 108.025ºW
Little Hole in the Wall Area Cibola Arrosa Ranch 7101 feet 34.923ºN 107.970ºW
Little Hole-In-The-Wall Area Cibola Ice Caves 7501 feet 34.914ºN 108.098ºW
Los Medanitos Area Cibola Los Pilares 6822 feet 34.939ºN 107.867ºW
Mecate Meadow Area Cibola Mecate Meadow 7301 feet 34.688ºN 107.702ºW
Middle Tsid-weza Area Cibola Marmon Ranch 6019 feet 34.774ºN 107.445ºW
North Pasture Area Cibola North Pasture 7082 feet 34.788ºN 107.925ºW
Rincon Hondo Area Cibola Rincon Hondo 7016 feet 34.653ºN 108.783ºW
South Passage Area Cibola Dough Mountain 5737 feet 34.885ºN 107.352ºW
Spud Patch Area Cibola Cerro Pelon 9351 feet 35.276ºN 107.579ºW
The Malpais Area Cibola Arrosa Ranch 6983 feet 34.905ºN 107.936ºW
The Vega Area Cibola Cerro Brillante 7377 feet 34.758ºN 108.245ºW
Zuñi Plateau Area Cibola Cantaralo Spring 7213 feet 34.648ºN 108.882ºW
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