Topographic Map Mine Features in Socorro County, New Mexico

Browse by County - Socorro, Feature Type - Mine

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Ambrosia Mine Socorro Magdalena 8649 feet 34.102ºN 107.191ºW
Ambrosia Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 8462 feet 34.102ºN 107.193ºW
Anabel Mine Socorro Gallinas Peak 7160 feet 34.138ºN 107.394ºW
Anchor Mine Socorro Magdalena 7072 feet 34.120ºN 107.189ºW
Anchor Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 7055 feet 34.120ºN 107.191ºW
B and R Group Mine Socorro Molino Peak 7226 feet 33.931ºN 107.101ºW
Bachelder Everheart Mine Mine Socorro La Joya 5032 feet 34.308ºN 106.794ºW
Bachelder-Everhart Prospect Mine Socorro San Acacia 4687 feet 34.250ºN 106.876ºW
Basso Four Mine Mine Socorro Capitol Peak 5179 feet 33.408ºN 106.468ºW
Bear Canyon Group Mine Mine Socorro Molino Peak 6698 feet 33.981ºN 107.061ºW
Bear Canyon Group Mine Mine Socorro Molino Peak 6826 feet 33.931ºN 107.074ºW
Bell Mine Mine Socorro Grassy Lookout 7455 feet 33.802ºN 107.420ºW
Bianchi Claims Mine Socorro Molino Peak 7016 feet 33.927ºN 107.073ºW
Big Basin Mine Socorro Luis Lopez 5799 feet 33.961ºN 106.973ºW
Big Basin Group-Luis Lopez D Mine Mine Socorro Luis Lopez 5619 feet 33.965ºN 106.973ºW
Black Cat Claims-Luis Lopez Mine Socorro Luis Lopez 5566 feet 33.954ºN 106.989ºW
Black Cloud and Mistletoe Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 8594 feet 34.076ºN 107.189ºW
Black Cloud Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 8630 feet 34.077ºN 107.189ºW
Black Crow and San Juan Claims Mine Socorro Luis Lopez 5737 feet 33.948ºN 106.973ºW
Black Eagle Mine Mine Socorro Molino Peak 6094 feet 33.984ºN 107.043ºW
Black Goose Mine Socorro South Baldy 6783 feet 33.919ºN 107.242ºW
Black Goose Group Mine Socorro South Baldy 7167 feet 33.915ºN 107.227ºW
Blanchard Mine Mine Socorro Garden Spring Canyon 6393 feet 33.812ºN 106.375ºW
Blue Canyon Well Mine Socorro Socorro 5212 feet 34.046ºN 106.952ºW
Blue Gold-Luis Lopez District Mine Socorro Luis Lopez 5491 feet 33.998ºN 106.994ºW
Blue Springs Quarry Mine Socorro Becker 5796 feet 34.422ºN 106.523ºW
Boarding House Tunnel Mine Socorro Socorro 5589 feet 34.064ºN 106.949ºW
Bojo Montoso Mine Socorro Gallinas Peak 7501 feet 34.143ºN 107.428ºW
Bojo Placer Number One Mine Socorro Gallinas Peak 7118 feet 34.138ºN 107.384ºW
Box Canyon Deposit Mine Socorro Lemitar 5756 feet 34.154ºN 106.987ºW
Brown Mine Socorro Riley 5973 feet 34.413ºN 107.228ºW
Buckeye Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 6954 feet 34.018ºN 107.135ºW
Buena Vista Mine Socorro Molino Peak 7613 feet 33.904ºN 107.123ºW
Burris Claims Mine Socorro Molino Peak 6901 feet 33.896ºN 107.118ºW
Byerts Tunnel Mine Socorro Socorro 5589 feet 34.064ºN 106.949ºW
Cavalier Mine Socorro Magdalena 6721 feet 34.106ºN 107.241ºW
Cavern and Grand Ledge Mine Mine Socorro Magdalena 8748 feet 34.064ºN 107.190ºW
Cavern Tunnel Mine Socorro Magdalena 9040 feet 34.064ºN 107.188ºW
Chupadero Mines Mine Socorro Loma De Las Canas 5104 feet 34.110ºN 106.807ºW
Cimarron Tunnel Mine Socorro Magdalena 8052 feet 34.091ºN 107.200ºW
Combs and Wood Mine Socorro Molino Peak 7177 feet 33.997ºN 107.088ºW
Combs and Wood Claims Mine Socorro Water Canyon 7449 feet 34.006ºN 107.084ºW
Connelly Mine Socorro Magdalena 8521 feet 34.058ºN 107.191ºW
Connelly Tunnel Mine Socorro Magdalena 8672 feet 34.058ºN 107.189ºW
Contact Shaft Mine Socorro Magdalena 7511 feet 34.084ºN 107.203ºW
Desert Rose Mine Mine Socorro Garden Spring Canyon 5602 feet 33.845ºN 106.367ºW
Dewey Mine Socorro La Joya 5176 feet 34.267ºN 106.814ºW
Dewey Lode Mine Mine Socorro Socorro 5091 feet 34.063ºN 106.942ºW
Dewey Mine Mine Socorro La Joya 4851 feet 34.283ºN 106.834ºW
Drake Mine Socorro Comanche Ranch 5533 feet 34.556ºN 107.125ºW
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