Topographic Map Locale Features in Linn County, Oregon

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Albany C and E Depot (historical) Locale Linn Albany 223 feet 44.632ºN 123.094ºW
Albany Lumber and Supply (historical) Locale Linn Albany 220 feet 44.633ºN 123.085ºW
Albany Lumber Company (historical) Locale Linn Albany 226 feet 44.630ºN 123.088ºW
Albany Yard Locale Linn Albany 213 feet 44.641ºN 123.076ºW
Alford Locale Linn Harrisburg 308 feet 44.310ºN 123.129ºW
American Locale Linn Harrisburg 285 feet 44.370ºN 123.160ºW
American Locale Linn Peoria 282 feet 44.376ºN 123.167ºW
Ballins Mill (historical) Locale Linn Scio 886 feet 44.689ºN 122.754ºW
Balm (historical) Locale Linn Lebanon 289 feet 44.624ºN 122.895ºW
Bauman Lumber Company Locale Linn Waterloo 462 feet 44.476ºN 122.819ºW
Bellplain (historical) Locale Linn Peoria 259 feet 44.498ºN 123.163ºW
Benjo Milling Company (historical) Locale Linn Waterloo 482 feet 44.434ºN 122.783ºW
Big Lake Recreation Site Locale Linn Three Fingered Jack 4677 feet 44.379ºN 121.870ºW
Big Lake West Recreation Site Locale Linn Santiam Junction 4671 feet 44.376ºN 121.880ºW
Big Meadows Horse Camp Locale Linn Santiam Junction 3588 feet 44.495ºN 121.983ºW
Boise Cascade Plywood Locale Linn Waterloo 512 feet 44.418ºN 122.768ºW
Bowers (historical) Locale Linn Coburg 344 feet 44.230ºN 123.085ºW
Brewster (historical) Locale Linn Onehorse Slough 348 feet 44.580ºN 122.868ºW
Bryant (historical) Locale Linn Crabtree 256 feet 44.693ºN 122.932ºW
Bussard (historical) Locale Linn Crabtree 249 feet 44.660ºN 122.979ºW
C and E Crossing (historical) Locale Linn Albany 220 feet 44.634ºN 123.095ºW
Calahan (historical) Locale Linn Lebanon 335 feet 44.554ºN 122.926ºW
Camp Marion Locale Linn Marion Lake 4182 feet 44.557ºN 121.851ºW
Camp Morrison Locale Linn Jordan 1220 feet 44.685ºN 122.628ºW
Camp Pioneer Locale Linn Marion Forks 4553 feet 44.556ºN 121.931ºW
Camp Tadmor Locale Linn Sweet Home 1574 feet 44.469ºN 122.651ºW
Camp Twenty-six Locale Linn Mill City South 1955 feet 44.716ºN 122.467ºW
Cartney Locale Linn Harrisburg 298 feet 44.315ºN 123.168ºW
Clear Lake Recreation Site Locale Linn Santiam Junction 3041 feet 44.375ºN 122.000ºW
Clear Lake Resort Locale Linn Santiam Junction 3041 feet 44.375ºN 122.000ºW
Coffin Mountain Lookout Locale Linn Coffin Mountain 5579 feet 44.622ºN 122.044ºW
Cold Water Cove Recreation Site Locale Linn Clear Lake 3037 feet 44.364ºN 121.990ºW
Colorado Lake (historical) Locale Linn Riverside 223 feet 44.564ºN 123.211ºW
Conser (historical) Locale Linn Albany 239 feet 44.682ºN 123.076ºW
Cool Camp Locale Linn Harter Mountain 3736 feet 44.474ºN 122.229ºW
Coover (historical) Locale Linn Albany 203 feet 44.631ºN 123.124ºW
Cougar Camp Locale Linn Mill City South 4169 feet 44.626ºN 122.444ºW
Cove Creek Recreation Site Locale Linn Detroit 1647 feet 44.711ºN 122.161ºW
Coxs Crossing (historical) Locale Linn Crabtree 253 feet 44.659ºN 122.960ºW
Crabtree Guard Station Locale Linn Lacomb 859 feet 44.595ºN 122.688ºW
Cranor (historical) Locale Linn Lebanon 289 feet 44.575ºN 122.996ºW
Crest (historical) Locale Linn Sweet Home 830 feet 44.379ºN 122.748ºW
Crocus (historical) Locale Linn Indian Head 315 feet 44.323ºN 123.053ºW
Dever (historical) Locale Linn Albany 197 feet 44.719ºN 123.091ºW
Dollar (historical) Locale Linn Chandler Mountain 859 feet 44.291ºN 122.632ºW
Ehlen-Van Waters and Rogers Locale Linn Riverside 230 feet 44.567ºN 123.161ºW
End of Track (historical) Locale Linn Sweet Home 564 feet 44.404ºN 122.708ºW
End of Track (historical) Locale Linn Sweet Home 574 feet 44.408ºN 122.693ºW
Faybell (historical) Locale Linn Peoria 262 feet 44.481ºN 123.163ºW
Fayetteville Locale Linn Peoria 259 feet 44.461ºN 123.164ºW
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