Topographic Map Civil Features in Price County, Wisconsin

Browse by County - Price, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Park Falls Civil Price Park Falls 1463 feet 45.933ºN 90.446ºW
City of Phillips Civil Price Phillips 1473 feet 45.696ºN 90.398ºW
Price County Civil Price Cranberry Lake 1483 feet 45.683ºN 90.350ºW
Town of Catawba Civil Price Ogema NW 1437 feet 45.488ºN 90.496ºW
Town of Eisenstein Civil Price Blockhouse Lake 1515 feet 45.938ºN 90.300ºW
Town of Elk Civil Price Lac Sault Dore 1437 feet 45.698ºN 90.536ºW
Town of Emery Civil Price Dover 1650 feet 45.706ºN 90.140ºW
Town of Fifield Civil Price Pike Lake SW 1558 feet 45.854ºN 90.227ºW
Town of Flambeau Civil Price Lugerville 1456 feet 45.776ºN 90.566ºW
Town of Georgetown Civil Price Kennan 1437 feet 45.616ºN 90.611ºW
Town of Hackett Civil Price Prentice 1568 feet 45.597ºN 90.255ºW
Town of Harmony Civil Price Pennington 1506 feet 45.604ºN 90.497ºW
Town of Hill Civil Price Timms Hill 1712 feet 45.432ºN 90.227ºW
Town of Kennan Civil Price Jump River Fire Tower NE 1332 feet 45.460ºN 90.611ºW
Town of Knox Civil Price Brantwood 1709 feet 45.546ºN 90.110ºW
Town of Lake Civil Price Butternut Lake 1479 feet 45.925ºN 90.566ºW
Town of Ogema Civil Price Ogema NW 1479 feet 45.441ºN 90.384ºW
Town of Prentice Civil Price Prentice 1538 feet 45.535ºN 90.267ºW
Town of Spirit Civil Price Spirit 1647 feet 45.430ºN 90.098ºW
Town of Worcester Civil Price Cranberry Lake 1483 feet 45.734ºN 90.318ºW
Village of Catawba Civil Price Kennan 1512 feet 45.536ºN 90.533ºW
Village of Kennan Civil Price Kennan 1509 feet 45.531ºN 90.586ºW
Village of Prentice Civil Price Prentice 1538 feet 45.542ºN 90.288ºW
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