Topographic Map Civil Features in Waupaca County, Wisconsin

Browse by County - Waupaca, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Clintonville Civil Waupaca Clintonville South 804 feet 44.622ºN 88.751ºW
City of Manawa Civil Waupaca Manawa 830 feet 44.461ºN 88.920ºW
City of Marion Civil Waupaca Marion 850 feet 44.671ºN 88.888ºW
City of New London Civil Waupaca New London 764 feet 44.395ºN 88.747ºW
City of Waupaca Civil Waupaca Waupaca 823 feet 44.355ºN 89.076ºW
City of Weyauwega Civil Waupaca Weyauwega 790 feet 44.323ºN 88.929ºW
Town of Bear Creek Civil Waupaca Clintonville South 869 feet 44.546ºN 88.803ºW
Town of Caledonia Civil Waupaca Readfield 797 feet 44.294ºN 88.790ºW
Town of Dayton Civil Waupaca King 892 feet 44.291ºN 89.165ºW
Town of Dupont Civil Waupaca Marion 902 feet 44.637ºN 88.923ºW
Town of Farmington Civil Waupaca Scandinavia 915 feet 44.377ºN 89.165ºW
Town of Fremont Civil Waupaca Weyauwega 771 feet 44.264ºN 88.891ºW
Town of Harrison Civil Waupaca Tigerton NW 1063 feet 44.639ºN 89.170ºW
Town of Helvetia Civil Waupaca Big Falls 879 feet 44.544ºN 89.037ºW
Town of Iola Civil Waupaca Iola 1036 feet 44.551ºN 89.172ºW
Town of Larrabee Civil Waupaca Clintonville North 833 feet 44.635ºN 88.800ºW
Town of Lebanon Civil Waupaca Northport 810 feet 44.458ºN 88.799ºW
Town of Lind Civil Waupaca Waupaca 810 feet 44.286ºN 89.044ºW
Town of Little Wolf Civil Waupaca Manawa 804 feet 44.457ºN 88.931ºW
Town of Matteson Civil Waupaca Embarrass 800 feet 44.632ºN 88.669ºW
Town of Mukwa Civil Waupaca Readfield 754 feet 44.373ºN 88.801ºW
Town of Royalton Civil Waupaca Weyauwega 810 feet 44.373ºN 88.914ºW
Town of Saint Lawrence Civil Waupaca Ogdensburg 859 feet 44.457ºN 89.044ºW
Town of Scandinavia Civil Waupaca Scandinavia 961 feet 44.457ºN 89.160ºW
Town of Union Civil Waupaca Symco 869 feet 44.549ºN 88.923ºW
Town of Waupaca Civil Waupaca Ogdensburg 833 feet 44.389ºN 89.028ºW
Town of Weyauwega Civil Waupaca Weyauwega 771 feet 44.303ºN 88.927ºW
Town of Wyoming Civil Waupaca Tigerton 932 feet 44.633ºN 89.045ºW
Village of Big Falls Civil Waupaca Big Falls 912 feet 44.619ºN 89.017ºW
Village of Embarrass Civil Waupaca Embarrass 804 feet 44.671ºN 88.703ºW
Village of Fremont Civil Waupaca Readfield 751 feet 44.260ºN 88.871ºW
Village of Iola Civil Waupaca Iola 958 feet 44.509ºN 89.126ºW
Village of Ogdensburg Civil Waupaca Ogdensburg 859 feet 44.454ºN 89.032ºW
Village of Scandinavia Civil Waupaca Scandinavia 941 feet 44.461ºN 89.147ºW
Waupaca County Civil Waupaca Manawa 850 feet 44.467ºN 88.983ºW
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