Topographic Map Civil Features in Lake County, Michigan

Browse by County - Lake, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Lake County Civil Lake Baldwin 938 feet 43.983ºN 85.800ºW
Township of Chase Civil Lake Whipple Lake 1227 feet 43.865ºN 85.626ºW
Township of Cherry Valley Civil Lake Chase 866 feet 43.936ºN 85.747ºW
Township of Dover Civil Lake Bristol 1260 feet 44.119ºN 85.624ºW
Township of Eden Civil Lake Stewart Lake 981 feet 44.121ºN 85.859ºW
Township of Elk Civil Lake Peacock 761 feet 44.120ºN 85.981ºW
Township of Ellsworth Civil Lake Bristol 1164 feet 44.025ºN 85.623ºW
Township of Lake Civil Lake Big Star Lake 820 feet 43.856ºN 85.978ºW
Township of Newkirk Civil Lake Stewart Lake 941 feet 44.084ºN 85.753ºW
Township of Peacock Civil Lake Stewart Lake 1007 feet 44.029ºN 85.863ºW
Township of Pinora Civil Lake Reed City North 1210 feet 43.945ºN 85.618ºW
Township of Pleasant Plains Civil Lake Marlborough 807 feet 43.858ºN 85.860ºW
Township of Sauble Civil Lake Peacock 751 feet 44.033ºN 85.985ºW
Township of Sweetwater Civil Lake Townsend Lake 892 feet 43.951ºN 85.978ºW
Township of Webber Civil Lake Baldwin 909 feet 43.943ºN 85.859ºW
Township of Yates Civil Lake Whipple Lake 994 feet 43.854ºN 85.747ºW
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