Sand Bars of Moreton Bay near Brisbane, Australia

Sometimes nature makes the most amazing artwork! Above is a screenshot of a Google aerial photo taken above wild looking blue colored sand bars near Brisbane, Australia. More specifically these sand bars are between two islands, North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island, in Moreton Bay in southeast Queensland. Here is an interactive map of the […]

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Map of Pavlof Volcano Eruption in Alaska

Here is a map of the volcano that is currently erupting in the Eastern Aleutians region of Alaska. As of March 28th it was spewing ash 37,000 feet into the atmosphere. This ash cloud is affecting air traffic through the region. Pavlof Vocano Topographic Map

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Top 10 Most Visited National Parks

The National Park Service just released visitation figures from 2015. In total, our national parks saw 307,247,252 recreation visit, up nearly 5% over 2014. Total overnight stays in park campgrounds and the backcountry were up 6% over 2014 and tent camping in particular was up 13%. Here are the top 10 most visited parks. All Parks […]

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Garmin to Buy DeLorme

Yes, it’s being reported that the GPS giant is buying the historic state atlas publisher. Delorme has recently dived deeper into technology with it’s inReach product which communicates with satellites and is used as a backcountry SOS device similar to the Spot device. It’s that technology that interests Garmin the most. We only hope that […]

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Crystal Beach Resort History

We stumbled on an interesting map that appears to show an old water park. After some investigation, we discovered that it was a popular summer-time destination called Crystal Lake, located in a rural part of Irwin County Georgia. The postcard below shows the pavilion and beach, as it looked in 1964. Apparently, the lake would occasionally dry […]

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TZ-california-natural-gas-leak-wikimediabds (Custom)

Location of Massive California Natural Gas Leak

California is dealing with one of the worst environmental disasters the state has ever seen. Depending on when this huge natural gas leak is finally stopped, it could be one of the worst the world has seen. It started on October 23, 2015 and has been leaking for over two months already. Experts are saying […]

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Armed Group Standoff at National Wildlife Refuge

News outlets including CNN are reporting that an armed group is in a standoff with federal agents in a building on the grounds of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in rural southeast Oregon. The authorities plan to wait the group out and are hopeful for a peaceful end to the situation. It started as a demonstration […]

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Oso_landslide_geomorphology_map-usgspublicdomain (Medium)

Deadly Oso Landslide No Shock to Geologists

Geologists from the University of Washington have just published an article documenting their analysis of the 2014 landslide near the small town of Oso, Washington. They determined that many slides have occurred along the North Fork Stillaguamish River over the last 10,000 years with several in the last 500 years. This high frequency of slides […]

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President Obama Goes Hiking in Hawaii

President Barack Obama went for a hike on his most recent trip to Hawaii. He chose the popular hiking route called the Koko Crater Railway Trail that ascends to the summit of Koko Crater on the eastern end of the island of Oahu. The summit is known as Kohelepelepe and stands tall at 1208 feet […]

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